The cervical Pap smear is a proven screening technique for the detection of premalignant and malignant lesions of the uterine cervix. Success depends upon the cooperation between the physician and the cytology laboratory as well as having in place a quality screening program.

Our Cytopathology Department recognizes that concern for the welfare of the community and the individual patient is a principal element of our profession. It is our goal to deliver exemplary technical services with paramount concern for accuracy, thoroughness and timeliness.

We have in place a comprehensive quality assurance program.  Our department meets the quality standards mandated by the College of American Pathology and federal regulations. It is our goal in ensuring high quality assurance standards to:

  • Pursue opportunities to improve patient care;
  • Identify problems that affect the analytical and non-analytical services we provide;
  • Resolve problems in a timely manner before quality of service is compromised;
  • Prevent problems through awareness, evaluation and continuous monitoring;
  • Institute and perpetuate “Quality Pride” in individuals employed in the Cytopathology Department;
  • Support excellence in the delivery of healthcare services.

Our Cytopathology Department currently includes three board registered cytotechnologists who are all affiliate members of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists with two of these technologists holding a specialist registration in Cytotechnology. In addition, the technical director is a board certified cytopathologist with special expertise in fine needle aspiration cytology.

The genital Pap smear is a screening technique (in contrast to a definitive diagnostic procedure) to aid in the detection of cervical cancer and cancer precursor lesions.  We utilize the Revised Bethesda System Terminology for Cytology Reporting and recommend that the provisional guidelines issued by the National Cancer Institute be utilized in follow-up of abnormal cervical cytopathologic findings. The cervical Pap smear should not be used as the sole means to diagnose or exclude malignant or premalignant lesions.

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