Doctorsí Anatomic Pathology Services, P.A., in its dedication to providing high quality professional, technical, and support services, has instituted a continuous quality improvement program throughout the company.  Our quality assurance process begins with environmentally-controlled specimen pick-up and ends with timely report delivery at your office.  Major highlights are as follows:

  • DAPS, P.A. is routinely subjected to the laboratory quality standards of numerous state and federal inspection agencies. We are licensed, accredited, and/or certified by CLIA and/or the College of American Pathologists.
  • Board-certified pathologists direct the laboratoryís performance administratively, technically, and medically on a full-time basis. Several of our pathologists serve regularly as voluntary members of CAPís laboratory inspection teams. This inspection activity helps to assure that DAPS stays abreast of the latest developments in laboratory technology and quality assurance.
  • The laboratoryís technical staff is a group of highly-trained technologists and technicians. The Laboratory Director ensures continued staff competency through a variety of in-house programs designed to promote consistent, accurate, and timely specimen processing and interpretation.
  • The various laboratories participate in rigorous internal quality control programs and external proficiency testing programs. In addition, the laboratory computer system, all instrumentation, and the laboratory work environment are maintained under a strict preventive maintenance and monitoring program.
  • The Laboratory Director reviews quality control and preventive maintenance records each month, while Department Supervisors monitor these same records on a daily basis to ensure high quality test results.
  • Finally, all laboratory reports are reviewed, prior to distribution, to ensure the transfer of high quality diagnostic information to the clinical decision-maker.


Doctorsí Anatomic Pathology Services, P.A. offers anatomic diagnostic services at a local level .  DAPS, P.A. is certified by HCFA as a high complexity laboratory offering services in Anatomic Pathology and Cytopathology.


Realizing that we are in the medical information business, DAPS, P.A. staffs the laboratory over a 20-hour period, Monday through Friday,  to ensure test results are completed and returned to you as soon as possible. While reporting times vary with the complexity of the testing process, the majority of our test results are available the day following specimen receipt. Reports may be delivered by courier, by telecommunication devices (telephone, printer, FAX, or other office system), or by mail.

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